Marama Fox, David Seymour clash in The Nation minor parties leaders' debate

The Nation's minor parties leaders' debate got off to a fiery start on Saturday morning, with ACT and the Māori Party locking horns early on.

ACT leader David Seymour was talking about his party's tax policy, saying there is "nothing evidence-based and clever about taxing one group of people and giving money to another group who might vote for you".

"The ACT Party says if you take something off somebody that's not yours, you should give it back."

Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox was quick to pounce on the opportunity to turn Mr Seymour's own words against him.

"By his logic, if you take something off somebody, you have to give it back. We should give all of Aotearoa back to Maori, including the water and the foreshore and seabed, and then see where we get."

Watch the clip above, and the debate live here.