New Labour leader Jacinda Ardern: Social media reacts

  • 01/08/2017
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern. Photo credit: Getty

Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern has spoken for the first time since taking over as head of the party - alongside her new deputy Kelvin Davis.

"I used to be the president of an international youth organisation that had members from Lebanon, Palestine and Israel. I think I can do this," she said on Tuesday.

The new leader is being welcomed by Kiwis across social media, however some people see it as a sign that the Labour party is too unstable to govern and others ask why it didn't happen sooner.

Twitter user 'ughwhtever' welcomed Ms Ardern as a "queen".

Filmmaker and media personality David Farrier endorsed her earlier this morning, and said he wants her to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

"How freaking exciting is the election campaign going to be now", said Paul Le Comte.

Ben Gracewood said if Ms Ardern were to govern with Metiria Turei as her deputy it would be "the matriarchy we deserve".

Labour candidate Tamati Coffey thought he'd seen smiles on the faces of media attending the press conference. "Is it just me or did @jacindaarden have the media pack laughing and happy? Bodes well.."

On Newshub's Facebook page one commenter said "Best Option. Shame they had to wait until this close to an Election though."

"Strong Female leadership is the only thing that ever worked for labour and the country. I wish her all the best," said another.

And of course there are the memes:

This one likens the caucus meeting on Tuesday morning to reality TV show Survivor:

Another has 'refreshed' the Labour party billboards with Ms Ardern and a play the party's "fresh approach" slogan.