Patrick Gower: Jacinda Ardern is Labour's 'new hope'

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern is doing it - and the Labour Party faithful are loving it.         

I have covered the Labour Party for 10 years and never seen scenes like today.

There is a sense of disbelief among senior Labour MPs that the Ardern effect is actually happening.

She's more than just a new leader. She's responsible for a new vibe.

It's a new Labour.

There were queues out the door of the Auckland Town Hall and down Queen Street. An incredible 2200 people spread across three venues, while hundreds had to be turned away.

We saw a little bit of the "Ardern agenda" - when she outlined what she wants her legacy to be.

"For me, it is simple: I want to build a country where every child grows up free from poverty and is filled with hope and opportunity."

But there was no policy. Today was all about the vibe, but Ardern needs substance and fast.

For now, Labour just needs to revel in these "absolute scenes" - it is suddenly politically cool again.

It's really quite weird because nothing has changed in Labour except for the leader.

For Labour, Jacinda Ardern means one thing: hope.

She's Labour's new hope.  

Patrick Gower is Newshub's political editor.