Peter Dunne's bowtie stolen in election billboard attack

  • 07/08/2017
Peter Dunne's bowtie stolen in election billboard attack
Photo credit: Getty/ Peter Dunne

United Future leader Peter Dunne has had his bowtie stolen in an election billboard attack over the weekend.

Vandals cut the bowtie out of Mr Dunne's billboard and they've taken part of his chin along with his signature accessory.

Mr Dunne is the MP for Ohariu, a battleground electorate that could see him lose the seat he's held since 2008 if Labour's candidate Greg O'Connor gets enough votes.

He's not the only politician who had a hoarding targeted; Labour, National and the Māori party have also been attacked.

Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox tweeted a photo of billboards of both the Maori and National Parties lying on the ground. They appear to have been beaten and smashed to the ground, and Ms Fox said it's the "first vandalised billboard".

In the background, an ACT Party billboard with David Seymour is untouched.

"I'm thinking someone out there knows something," Ms Fox said.

Labour was attacked too - someone cut Labour leader Jacinda Ardern's face out of the party's billboard and left former leader Andrew Little untouched.