'Tizzy fit' not a good look for the Greens - Duncan Garner

  • Updated
  • 11/08/2017

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has awarded Green MP Julie Anne Genter the "tizzy fit of the week" award after she lashed out at journalists on Thursday.

Ms Genter, tipped as a potential new co-leader for the party after Metiria Turei resigned, was asked by Newshub if she would be putting her hand up.

"It is way too early to ask that question," she responded at first, before becoming increasingly agitated.

"It's too early. Don't even think about asking me that me that until after the election."

Garner said Ms Genter needs to "calm her organic farm down".

"It's like being at kindy and you've stolen someone's bikkies or something."

He unfavourably compared Ms Genter's response to Green Party leader James Shaw, who has "kept his cool" all week.

"He's too scared to raise his voice at all those women in caucus - he'll get his head bitten off."

Ms Genter responded on Twitter, saying she thought the clip of her outburst was "kind of hilarious".

Co-host Mark Richardson said the Greens don't appear to like freedom of speech.

"It's about the most appropriate time to ask that question. Don't tell us what we can and can't ask."

Mr Shaw said on Thursday the party is not launching a war on the media.

"It's been a tough week and passions are running high. I think people need to kind of breathe through their noses and steer the ship and just get on with the campaign," he told Newshub.

"I know what happens is sometimes members and supporters and activists and so on get really upset when we get asked tough questions. In my view, the media have just been doing their job.

"Some of the interviews have been really tough, but they should have been tough. In my view there's absolutely no hard feelings, and I think that people should just calm down and realise people are just doing their job."

Leadership battle looms

Ms Genter is ranked fourth on the party's list, third if you don't count Ms Turei. She's behind Marama Davidson, and ahead of other tipped contenders Jan Logie and Chloe Swarbrick.

The Greens have said they might not have a new co-leader until the party's AGM in mid-2018. Mr Shaw is expected to lead them into the 2017 election alone.