Watch: Does Winston Peters have the PM's Todd Barclay texts?

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters won't reveal whether he has the text messages Prime Minister Bill English sent to Glenys Dickson - the woman at the centre of the Todd Barclay recording scandal.

The Northland MP says he's never claimed to know the exact content of the texts but has continually hinted that he does.

He came to blows over the issue when Newshub political reporter Lloyd Burr asked if he was bluffing about his knowledge of the conversations between Mr English and Ms Dickson.

It came after Mr Peters quoted text messages in Parliament that Mr English had sent in 2016, but they'd already been made public in the initial story on the saga by Newsroom.

When asked why he claimed to have the texts he said: "I've never made any such claims or any such hints."

When asked if he didn't have copies of the texts he said: "I didn't say I didn't have copies of those messages."

Mr Peters seems determined to "get to the bottom" of the Mr Barclay saga, without revealing to journalists what that might mean or what details he has.

"I've had a long career; the last thing I'll do is hand over the text messages to you because you'll just botch it up," he said.

There's only two weeks of Parliament left before the house rises for the election campaign.

"I'm going to go to that Parliament and get to the bottom of this on my own good timetable, and we've got two weeks to go yet. We've got a campaign to go yet," Mr Peters said.

The New Zealand First leader said he'll resign on the day that Mr Burr understands him or his motives.

"You're not a psychologist. You're not smart enough to understand how other people strategically might think. And you certainly will never understand me because the day you do I'm going to resign."

His final response to the text message question: "You'll see what I've got when I feel like giving it to you."

When asked if that would be never he said: "Naff off."