Watch: What do Kiwis think of Labour's school leavers kit?

Labour has promised to provide free driving lessons, budgeting and finance lessons, and civics education to students in all New Zealand high schools - if it gets into Government after the election.

Its 'school leavers toolkit' is aimed at helping high school students to be better prepared for life outside of school.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern announced the policy earlier this week, saying it was developed after the party's Future of Work Commission found that young New Zealanders were lacking some essential life skills.

We took to the streets in Auckland to ask New Zealanders what they thought about the policy and what they wish they'd learned in school.

Some were sceptical about whether young people would actually be interested in these new courses, some felt that students could learn the skills Labour is promising in their own time, while others said they'd be more likely to vote Labour after hearing about the policy.

"I think it's a little bit too much for a high school kid," one person said about the lessons on budgeting and finance.

Labour is trying to address the gap between high school and adulthood. As one person put it: "You sort of just get chucked into the world after Year 13, and you've sort of got to just find yourself."