Window washers to be banned under new law

Car windscreen washers will be fined $150 under new legislation expected to pass through Parliament within weeks if not days. 

The Bill is the work of National's Jami-Lee Ross, who says car-window washers have attacked motorists and threatened and intimidated the public.

Some Councils already have by-laws against it, but the Government argues this will give police more powers.

"It will enable them to take a prevention first approach to policing and prevent wider crimes from happening," Mr Ross told Newshub.

He said police have better connections with social services than councils do, and will be able to make sure washers get the help they need.

But the Bill's been criticised for over simplifying a complicated issue.

Manurewa Local Board chair Angela Dalton told Newshub in May many who wash windows are homeless and looking for a way to buy food.

She thinks a sticker on window screens saying something along the lines of 'I won't pay, go away' could work instead.

Auckland Council's current by-law is expensive to enforce, because it requires prosecution through the courts, which can cost up to $5000.

National, Labour, ACT and UnitedFuture supported Mr Ross's amendment to the Land Transport Act.