ACT leader David Seymour's bold fashion throwback

  • 15/09/2017

David Seymour. ACT leader. Libertarian. '90s hair enthusiast.

While free-market policies were all the rage in NZ's early 1990s, Mr Seymour seems to have absorbed more than just his economic beliefs from that era.

While working for Canada's Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Mr Seymour took his fresh-face and flowing locks to YouTube to explain his views.

The 2011 video shows a bright-eyed and bushy-haired young man talking about the benefits of the capitalist system - complete with a retro haircut.

Perhaps the victim of a socialist hairdressing system, Mr Seymour expounded upon topics such as the disadvantages of unions, and the perils of taxation.

Only months after shooting these videos, Mr Seymour would return to New Zealand, where he would use his talents as a ministerial advisor, ensuring the development and implementation of the partnership school policy fitted the Minister's intentions.

He would follow this by standing and winning as ACT's candidate for Epsom.

But this wouldn't be the last New Zealanders saw of Mr Seymour's thrifty production values.

In 2014, he unleashed an unintentionally hilarious "get to know me video" on YouTube, with slow zooms, multiple locations and camera turns are all used in excess.

"The thing about making a video that may go viral is that you don't know you're doing it until it's too late," Mr Seymour said.

How true.