Bill English announces new funding for churches

  • 09/09/2017

National Party leader Bill English has announced a new funding package for historic buildings that will include churches.

"Over the next four years, the Government will commit a further $30 million - that's $7.5 million per year - over the next four years to the Regional Culture and Heritage Fund [RCHF] to support the strengthening and development of cultural facilities," he said on Saturday.

The RCHF focuses on renovating and restoring arts, culture and heritage buildings, especially outside New Zealand's main population centres.

Mr English said the new funding would be available "not just [to] museums, art galleries and theatres, but our historic churches and other places of worship that are central parts of the community's character".

He said funding would be provided for up to a third of the project's cost. The applicants were expected to provide a third themselves, with another third coming from fundraising.