Dame Tariana Turia coming out of retirement

Dame Tariana Turia is coming out of retirement to help pick up the pieces of the Māori Party, after its devastating defeat on election day.

The Maori Party gained just 1.1 percent of the party vote, and all seven of the party's Māori electorate candidates were beaten by Labour.

Dame Tariana co-founded the party after splitting from Labour in 2004 over the foreshore and seabed debate.

She retired from politics at the 2014 election - but is coming back in her party's time of need.

"I did step back, I actually thought I should give people a chance to take the party forward, but I will be getting involved over the next three years, definitely."

She said she'll be working to try to inspire her people to get the party back in shape, although she has no desire to return to Parliament herself.

"I think you can be equally as political outside of the parliamentary environment, and what we will be doing is looking at how do we rebuild that voice."