Decision 17: Almost 1 million Kiwis have already voted

Almost one million Kiwis have already voted as the last day of advance voting closes - with reports some people have been turned away from booths where they'd run out of enrolment papers.

As of Friday afternoon, 985,530 advance votes had been collected, according to the latest figures from the Electoral Commission.

Newshub understands the Harris Rd voting booth in the Auckland suburb of Ellerslie ran out of special voting papers with one hour to go.

"This voting place ran out of special vote ballot papers for Maungakiekie around an hour before closing," a spokesperson for the Electoral Commission told Newshub.

"Friday traffic meant we were unable to reach them with new papers in time, so voters needing to cast a special vote were referred to other nearby voting places."

However, one woman told Newshub she was not referred to another voting place.

Friday is the last day Kiwis can enrol and vote at the same time at any advance polling booth. No ID is needed to do so.

You can't enrol on election day, September 23.

At the 2014 election, 717,579 people cast an early vote.