Decision 17: Election for Normies - Who should you vote for?

Ben Hurley is back with his second Election for Normies episode, to help you decide on who you want running the show.

So you've decided you're going to vote. Great! If you haven't, check out this episode from Three's The Project first. 

Ok, now that's sorted; how do you decide on who to vote for?

The names can be confusing; Act isn't just for actors, NZ First doesn't always win, and Labour isn't just for pregnant women.

So Ben Hurley has run through the main interests of the parties that are front and centre (or centre-left, or centre-right) in this year's election, to help you decide who you want in power.

Think about what matters most to you; money, welfare, the environment, personal freedoms, society as a whole, or something else. There are no wrong answers, you be you, and vote for whoever helps you the best.

Watch the full video to find out more.

The Project airs 7pm weeknights on Three.