Decision 17: Friday's your last chance to enrol to vote

  • 22/09/2017

Kiwis have until the end of Friday to enrol to vote so they can have their say in this weekend's election.

With 3,229,421 eligible voters already on the roll, chief electoral officer Alicia Wright says enrolment levels have improved. But there are still 340,409 eligible voters who are yet to sign up.

Ms Wright said it's not too late to register to vote, "but you need to do it right now".

"You can't enrol on election day, Saturday, September 23."

Potential voters can not only enrol, but also vote straight afterwards at any advanced voting outlet on Friday, she said.

Alternately, they could pick up enrolment forms from PostShops or download them from

In 2014 there were 3.1 million enrolled voters and voter turnout was 75.7 percent. But that year more than 27,000 votes were discounted because those who cast them still hadn't enrolled by election day.

By Wednesday more than 800,000 voters had already had their say, double that of the same time in 2014.

What the leaders are up to on Friday

Labour's Jacinda Ardern will be visiting businesses in Auckland before going to Te Aroha for her grandmother's funeral. After that she'll be back on the trail, with several walkabouts in Auckland's suburbs.

National's Bill English will be in his campaign bus, winding his way to Auckland and stopping off in towns along the way.