Decision 17: Voting begins

  • 11/09/2017

Advance voting starts on Monday and polling stations are opening around the country.

The Electoral Commission expects more advance votes will be cast this election than ever before, so it has increased the number of stations to 485 from 295 in 2014.

About 30 percent of the votes in 2014 were cast early and political parties have speculated that in this election up to 50 percent could be in before September 23.

"We are providing even more voting places in convenient locations where people can cast an early vote," said chief electoral officer Alicia Wright.

"People will be able to enrol, check or update their enrolment details at any advance voting place - so they'll be able to enrol and vote at the same time."

There will be advance voting booths in malls and some supermarkets for the first time. This is also the first time people will be able to enrol at the same time as casting an advance vote.

Opening times vary to suit local needs, most open at 9am or 10am and go through to 3pm or 4pm.

Details of locations and opening and closing times are on the Electoral Commission's website.

What the politicians are up to today

The Greens' Chloe Swarbrick is reportedly aiming to be the first person to cast an advance vote on Monday morning.

Her party will be releasing its youth mental health plan as well.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern is taking her campaign to Napier in Hawke's Bay, where she'll be making a regional housing announcement before going to Hastings.

National's Bill English will be in Manawatu and Horowhenua.

NZN / Newshub.