Election debate a cut above at Wellington hairdresser

As the election nears the razor's edge, a Wellington hairdresser is trying to blow some wind into debate around the campaign.

Political Cutz is offering free haircuts and the only catch? You might encounter some hair-raising views. 

Not everyone likes to make small-talk with their hairdresser, but Jason Muir has worked out how to break the silence.

"At hairdressing school, you were taught not to talk about politics, religion and sex, so we were like, 'Hey, why don't we break all those rules and make a whole salon about politics, at least?' We'll leave the other two for now," he told Newshub.

It's part theatre, part fashion - but all politics. Complete with his mullet, and in collaboration with theatre group Barbarian Productions, Mr Muir's bringing back the spirit of the 80s with the judgement-free pop-up Political Cutz.

 "As society's moved on in the last couple of decades, we're not as good at having those conversations about our nation and our politics," he said.

James Mills Workman, who came in as he likes talking about politics - and saw the opportunity for a free haircut - enjoyed the chance to debate.

"Either people don't care at all or they care a lot. So you're either going to be met with indifference or fiery opposition," he said. 

Most punters have been politically inclined, including Wellington Mayor Justin Lester.

But Mr Muir hopes to attract people who might normally shy away from politics - especially younger voters or non-voters.

"We hope that they leave a little more informed one way or another, but also that people feel like they've been listened to," he said. 

So far, discussions have mostly followed big election topics like poverty, housing and the youthquake.

And it doesn't matter where on the divide you sit, the only rules are no hate speech, cussing, or yelling.

"It's a completely non-partisan space, anyone is welcome into the place," Mr Muir said. 

So if you've had a gutsful of political debate in the last couple of weeks, a free fresh 'do may just change your mind.