Election details for Kiwis living in Australia

  • 20/09/2017
Voting closes for New Zealanders living in Australia on Friday afternoon.
Voting closes for New Zealanders living in Australia on Friday afternoon. Photo credit: Getty

Kiwis living in Australia have the option of voting in New Zealand's general election pitting the conservative Nationals government against Labour under new leader Jacinda Ardern.

Who are they?

- About 640,000 Kiwis live in Australia

- Only 33,000 are registered to vote this year

- NZ citizens living in Australia who have gone home at least once in the past three years are eligible to vote.

When they need to vote by

- Voting for New Zealanders in Australia will close at 4pm AEST on Friday.

- Voting in New Zealand ends on Saturday at 7pm NZEST.

- The three most popular polling booths in Australia during the 2014 general election were in Melbourne, Perth and on the Gold Coast.

How do they vote?

- Kiwis in Australia can either vote online or head into one of 16 polling stations located across Australia: Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Perth and Sydney.

- It is compulsory for a NZ citizen to be registered on the electoral roll but voting is optional.

Migration to Australia

- About 20,500 Kiwis emigrated to Australia in the year to April 2017 but at least one in four of those New Zealand citizens were born overseas, according to Stats NZ.

- Migration from New Zealand has dropped to 20,500 last year from 27,600 an average on previous years.

- New Zealanders wanting to become Australian citizens need to have lived for at least four years in Australia before they can apply.