'Every little thing' got me over the line - likely new Ōhāriu MP Greg O'Connor

  • 24/09/2017
Greg O'Connor.
Greg O'Connor. Photo credit: File

Former New Zealand Police Association boss Greg O'Connor has won the Wellington seat of Ōhāriu for Labour.

Peter Dunne's decision to quit threw the seat open.

Mr O'Connor's high profile was expected to help him and it did. On Saturday night he got 14,486 votes, 697 ahead of National's Brett Hudson. Mr Dunne's 2014 majority was 710.

National won the party vote by a big margin in 2014 and that was again the case - it got 46 percent of the party vote, with Labour on nearly 35 percent.

Mr O'Connor's parade was almost rained on by the Greens, who decided to enter candidate Tane Woodley at the last minute. He came fourth, with 1947 votes.

The Opportunities Party had suggested voters tick their candidate Jessica Hammond Doube, because Mr O'Connor would likely get in on the list anyway. She came in third, with 2449 votes.

Mr Dunne's replacement in the Ōhāriu seat, Bale Nadakuitavuki, came a distant sixth with 212 votes.

It's unlikely special votes will overcome the 697-vote majority Mr O'Connor had on election night.

"When you've got a margin like that, every little thing got you over the line," he told RNZ.

"Every one of those conversations, out there on those wet Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, will I do another street? It's raining, it's dark. I'll just do one more street, one more house. When you get this close, they count."

Mr O'Connor's cousin Damien O'Connor held the West Coast-Tasman seat by 4834 votes.

NZN / Newshub.