Greens commit to $23m Nelson cycleway

  • 18/09/2017
Greens commit to $23m Nelson cycleway
Photo credit: Newshub.

The Greens have announced a commitment to funding a $23m Nelson Rocks Rd cycleway.

"More people walk and cycle to work in Nelson than any other city in the country, which means fewer cars and less congestion on the road. This is a smart investment that will help more people to go by bike safely," leader James Shaw said.

"The Greens in Government will ensure this project finally gets going after years of delays, and a single-minded focus on motorways under National and its local MP, Nick Smith."

The Rocks Rd cycleway was rejected by Nelson councillors in May.

The Greens' plan would see a three-metre shared path on the side of Rocks Rd, widened on-road cycle lands and a new cycleway from Tahunui Beach to Annesbrook.

The Greens launched a two-tick campaign in Nelson in June, aiming to convince locals to give their electorate vote to Nick Lawrey in what was at the time a bid to beat National's Dr Smith. 

On Monday morning the Greens released what they called "polling" data, allegedly showing it's possible for Matt Lawrey to beat Dr Smith. But the poll was conducted by robo-call, making the result unreliable. 

According to Greens, Mr Lawrey was polling on 22 percent, below both Labour's Rachel Boyack, on 25 percent, and Dr Smith on 29 percent. 

The Greens need either 5 percent of the party vote or an electorate win in order to enter Parliament. Recent major polls have the party polling between 4.9 percent and 7 percent.