Greens fight for Parliamentary survival

The Greens are now in a fight for survival after a Newshub Reid Research poll put them on 4.9 percent - below the 5 percent threshold needed to make it back to Parliament.

Worse, the Labour Party won't be extending a helping hand.

It is now an uphill battle for the Greens, and it all began with an admission the Greens never apologised for.

Back in June the Greens were on 12.5 percent, then former co-leader Metiria Turei admitted her benefit fraud and they initially stayed polling high.

But then the controversy started to bite and in early August Newshub revealed she had committed electoral fraud.

Its vote then crashed and Ms Turei resigned on the day a Newshub poll put them at 8.3 percent.

Since then they've continued to go down and down.

Green Party leader James Shaw is now trying to piggyback on Labour leader Jacinda Ardern's popularity to keep his party in Parliament.

But, sorry Mr Shaw, Labour doesn't want to play the game.

Labour Party president Nigel Haworth posting this message on Facebook:

"Beguiling voices may be telling us that a Green vote is a strategic vote for a progressive government... This is simply wrong."

On this week's poll, National could get the 61 seats it needs to govern on its own. Labour and New Zealand First would only get to 57 - not enough.

If the Greens did get to 5 percent, National would lose some seats, but would still be able to govern with ACT and the Māori Party.

Adding the Greens into the mix with Labour and New Zealand First would get to 60 - just one seat short.

So the Greens being out of Parliament benefits National, but them getting in doesn't really help Labour either.

But there might be worse news to come for the Greens. For the past five elections, their Election Day result has been at least 2 points lower than their last poll result, and 4.9 percent is very close to the threshold.

If they follow that trend again then 2.9 percent is well off.