Greens leader James Shaw calls no-show Winston Peters a 'bad date'

  • 08/09/2017
Greens leader James Shaw calls no-show Winston Peters a 'bad date'
Photo credit: AGM.

Green Party leader James Shaw has hit out at NZ First's Winston Peters, calling him a 'bad date' after he failed to appear on TVNZ's minor party leaders debate on Friday night.

"He stood us up. He's completely unreliable." he said, affirming that the Greens wouldn't support a National Government. 

"Is he going to stand up the Labour Party come election night?"

Mr Shaw was joined that night by ACT's David Seymour, the Maori Party's Marama Fox, and the new leader of United Future, Damian Light.

Asked about their post-election positions, Mr Seymour was certain: "ACT can't support a Labour government that's going to take New Zealand back to the 1970s."

And he doesn't want NZ First anywhere near any Government. "Winston Peters doesn't deserve to be in Parliament," he says.

Mr Shaw is expecting a call from Labour leader Jacinda Ardern on September 24.

"I trust Jacinda when she said we would be the first cab off the rank."

Ms Fox, whose party has supported National for nine years, says it could go red or blue but she wants to work with the Greens in a Labour-led government.

Could the Māori Party support a National/NZ First government? "I hope we never have to."

Ms Fox thinks it will come down to two, three or four seats and sees the possibility of Hone Harawira ending up as kingmaker - she thinks he's going to win Te Tai Tokerau.

Mr Light, who has just replaced Peter Dunne as United Future leader, expected his party would hold negotiations post-election.

Its chances of doing that must be zero but he's got the sort of confidence a party leader has to have.

"We'll make 5 percent because we have to."

And despite being a new boy, he talked as much as anyone else.

The politician who never says what he's going to do after an election wasn't there.

Mr Peters doesn't consider NZ First a minor party, and pulled out because neither National nor Labour were taking part.