Greens push value-added timber products

  • 04/09/2017
Greens push value-added timber products
Photo credit: Getty, file

The Greens say they'll set up a regional research institute to work on developing high-value wood products if they're part of the next Government.

"From my office window I can see unprocessed logs waiting on Wellington's wharves to be exported," party leader James Shaw told the Institute of Forestry's annual conference in Rotorua on Monday.

"That's a lost opportunity. We should be turning the timber we grow into something of higher value before we export it."

Mr Shaw also said the Greens would make sure Government procurement processes chose wood as a building material wherever possible.

"This is what a sustainable economy looks like - Government backing businesses to innovate, creating jobs in the regions and supporting projects that work with the environment, not against it."