How to vote on Election Day and get paid

  • 22/09/2017
Elections, New Zealand
By law, employees can take up to two hours of paid time off work to vote. Photo credit: Newshub

Working on Election Day, but want to vote? Not to worry, you could be able to take time off work and still get paid for it.

Employees stuck at work on Saturday can still have their say - by law employees are allowed to take up to two hours of paid time off work to vote on Election Day, if they can prove they haven't had a reasonable chance to vote early.

The Electoral Act 1993 states that an employer has to let their employees leave work and vote, if they have not "had a reasonable opportunity of voting before commencing work" on Election Day.

"[The employer must allow their employee] to leave his or her work for the purpose of voting not later than 3pm in the afternoon for the remainder of the day," the Act reads.

"And it shall not be lawful for any employer to make any deduction from [their pay] to any such worker."

However, you can't take longer than two hours and if an employer doesn't let you take that time off, they can face a $1000 fine.

By Friday morning, nearly one million Kiwis had cast their votes early around the country, some 260,000 more than the day before the 2014 election.

So, if you are working on Saturday, make sure you go vote and get paid for it too.