Jacinda Ardern put to test on Te Reo

  • 12/09/2017

With Te Wiki o te reo Māori in full swing, the AM Show is putting party leaders to the test on their Te Reo.

Yesterday it was National leader Bill English, who couldn't count to 10 but said he knew "bits and pieces" of the language, and today it was Labour leader Jacinda Ardern's chance.

Ms Ardern started off a bit nervous, explaining that "this is why I believe in Te Reo in schools, it's because my language skills are terrible."

Despite declaring she had poor language skills, Ms Ardern was able to easily recall the Māori words for house (whare), meeting (hui), food (kai) and canoe (waka). She did however falter on sleep (moe), red (whero) and land (whenua).

The real test was counting to 10. Ms Ardern was confident to start and easily made her way through the count, although she did miss the number five.

For the quiz overall Ms Ardern scored five out of nine.