John Key cheers on Bill English from the golf course

The day after the 2014 election former Prime Minister Sir John Key was basking in the glory of a majority win for National. 

This time he was on the golf-course, after spending last night watching from the side-lines. 

Three years on from his own landslide victory, the true blue former Prime Minister spoke to Newshub about the election night experience. 

"We could get back to Wellington pretty quickly on the Monday and start thinking about what the cabinet line-up looked like," said Sir John. 

"I mean for Bill, he's got all these negotiations he's got to go through."

Instead of being surrounded by media, this time around he's been followed by a group of up and coming students as part of a business and golf mentoring programme.

Despite just being a spectator on Saturday, Sir John expressed that he "really enjoyed" the night.

"We had some friends around at home and watched it and had a meal," he said and regardless of the fact that they didn't win enough seats to get them over the line, National "knocked it out of the park".  

"Personally if I was Bill, I'd be quietly patting myself on the back," said Sir John. "But just a fantastic result and I personally believe better than I would have produced on the night"

He believes the country hasn't voted for change, but what happens now is all down to Winston Peters. 

"Look it was probably always going to go that way given that a number of the parties suffered really badly last night," he said. 

So which way does he think the New Zealand First leader will swing?

"I think he'll drive a hard bargain, but in the end if I had to put my money on the table I'd put it on the fact it will be a National-New Zealand First Government."

The Right Honourable Winston Peters has responded to the former Prime Minister's take: "I think John should keep on playing golf with Obama".

But Sir John isn't bothered.

"[I] don't really care; I'm just saying what I think". 

It might not be with Obama, but Sir John Key looks likely to keep playing golf and probably share his opinions along the way.