Labour voter brutally trolls National's Paula Bennett

A Labour supporter has gone viral after ruthlessly duping National's deputy leader Paula Bennett into thinking he was asking her for a photo.

Josh Owens, from Kaitangata in south Otago, bumped into Ms Bennett while she was campaigning and seized his opportunity to get one up on her.

"Hey Paula," he said with his phone raised above him.

Ms Bennett then came in close, thinking she was about to partake in a selfie, before Mr Owens revealed his nice-guy persona was just an act.

"You know you and your boy Bill are going down, eh?" he asked with a smirk.

"No way! No way, sunshine!" she responded, a forced smile never leaving her face.

"You're going down sis, you're going down. Let's do this, Paula, let's do this!" Mr Owens shouted back, referencing the Labour Party's new motto.

"Vote Labour!" he finished, before launching into a sung version of Darude's icon dance track 'Sandstorm'.

The video, which he posted last Friday, has now been watched more than 120,000 times, and shared more than 2000 - but it's not his first time trolling a National politician.

Last month, Mr Owens also played the same trick on MP Dr Jonathan Coleman - with similar, albeit less animated results.