As it happened: Parties prepare for election negotiations

National and Labour are both holding caucus meetings at Parliament on Tuesday morning, with their returning and new MPs.  

Both leaders are forming their negotiating teams to enter into talks with NZ First leader Winston Peters, whose whereabouts on Tuesday is unclear.

A Green Party candidate has hit out at claims that the party should work with National, which has been suggested by Gareth Morgan and even Bill English. 

3:45pm - Labour's negotiating team will be led by Jacinda Ardern and deputy leader Kelvin Davis.

Ms Ardern hasn't spoken directly to Winston Peters yet, saying that she respects that time and space is needed.

"We're willing and available when he is ready," she said. 

While Steven Joyce said earlier today that negotiations aren't about personality, Ms Ardern said "I think relationships of trust matter."

Mr Davis indicated that he'd be willing to give up the role of Deputy Prime Minister if Labour formed a government with NZ First.

"My priority is to make sure that Jacinda Ardern is the Prime Minister, that's my main focus so if it has to be it has to be," he said.

3:30pm - Marama Fox has spoken about the need to protect the Māori seats, as the major parties seek to enter into negotiations with NZ First - who want a referendum on whether they should remain.

"The reason they shouldn't be abolished is because the Māori people suffer from a lack of representation and people can say all they like about the numbers of Māori in the house but those Māori who succeed as Māori in those Māori seats are representative of te ao Māori and they need to have that unique voice in the house."

She said that unless Māori in political parties could remove the disparity between Māori and non-Māori, the seats need to stay.

3:00pm - The Green party has announced its negotiating team for coalition discussions. The team includes leader James Shaw along with MP Eugenie Sage, acting chief of staff Tony Whanau, Green co-convenor Debs Martin and campaign committee member Andrew Campbell. 

Mr Shaw says the team will be supported by another group that includes Jeanette Fitzsimons and other Green senior figures. 

"Our team has the experience and expertise to represent the interests of the Green Party, its members and its supporters in the negotiations to come," he said.

Mr Shaw said the Greens will be pushing for action on climate change, clean rivers, and ending poverty.

1:30pm - Winston Peters update: Newshub has been on the lookout for Winston Peters in Northland today, but there's been no sign of him.

1:00pm - Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is speaking about the election result on Twitter, saying that some people will be elated about the result while others will not be. She said that it's democracy and MMP in action, as both major parties prepare for negotiations.

Ms Clark says both Labour and National are each a "viable contender" to form a government.

Asked if she'd offer help to the Labour party, she said she's leaving it to the next generation. 

12:15pm - The 32 new MPs are currently going through an induction programme, which began yesterday and will continue for the next two weeks. They're learning things like how to ask questions during Question Time, what their role is in select committees, and walking through a typical sitting day in the House.

11:15am - Steven Joyce says he wasn't told about Winston Peters' superannuation details before they were leaked to the media.

Anne Tolley wouldn't comment on the leak, or how many people she told about Mr Peters' details.

Chief of staff Wayne Eagleson, who resigned yesterday, says he did not leak the details: "categorically no," he told Newshub. Mr Eagleson says it didn't come from the National party.

MSD, IRD, and ministerial services have all conducted their own internal investigations and found that the leak did not come from their departments.

11:00am - National deputy leader Paula Bennett denies any involvement in the Winston Peters leak.

"I absolutely know that myself and no one in my office leaked it."

She says she's "not too bothered" about whether she might have to give up the Deputy Prime Minister role in a coalition with NZ First, saying that she'd still be deputy leader of the National party.

Ms Bennett also isn't fussed that she may not be on the negotiating team."I just don't have much of a relationship with him, I'm sure he'd rather negotiate with people that he knows."

10:45am - Labour leader Jacinda Ardern also walked into her caucus meeting to a round of applause and a standing ovation. She said "It's fantastic to see this room absolutely brimming again."

10:40am - Labour MP David Parker, likely to be on the negotiating team with NZ First, says he has a good relationship with Winston Peters.

Mr Parker is Labour's shadow Attorney General.

Winston Peters told The Project last week that Mr Parker is the MP he respects most outside of his own party. 

10:35am - Labour justice spokesperson Andrew Little says the party would withdraw the Crown's appeal of the Teina Pora compensation ruling, and would make good the High Court ruling to add inflation to his compensation. 

Mr Little says he respects National's choice to not make a major decision while it is the 'caretaker government'.

He says he's very pleased with Labour's result and the "sad reality" is the party's performance improved after he stepped down as leader.

10:25am - Bill English says National's chief of staff Wayne Eagleson, who has resigned after nine years in the job, didn't leak details of Winston Peters' superannuation overpayments to the media.

There's speculation the leak could have been part of the reason he stepped down. Mr Peters has said publicly that he believes senior National figures were involved.

"No, not all," Mr English said when asked if Mr Eagleson was the source of the leak. "I take people by their word that no action was taken by my staff in making that information public."

Asked if the suspicion over the leak would damage the party's negotiations with NZ First, Mr English replied: "I wouldn't expect that that's the case. There's all sorts of political pushing and shoving [that] goes on."

He walked into National's caucus meeting to rapturous applause.

10:00am - New MP Nicola Willis is happy to be in Parliament, but she know she's hanging on by a thread. If National loses a seat Ms Willis, a former advisor to John Key and a former senior figure Fonterra, will be the first to go.

"It's quite surreal because I'm really excited to be here. This is a dream come true and I'm very conscious that could slip away, but that's politics," she told reporters on Tuesday morning.

Ms Willis says if she ends up losing her seat, "I'll probably go out and get a job."

9:30am - Green candidate John Hart, who's number 12 on the party list meaning he's unlikely to get into Parliament, has hit out at claims that the Greens should work with National.  

Mr Hart said any coalition with National would have to be supported by the party's membership and that "is not going to happen". 

He said their policies share "almost zero ground" and asked "Why would a party that's shown nothing but antipathy towards Green policies (and our existence) suddenly be swayed by a junior partner?"

9:00am - Jacinda Ardern told RNZ this morning that she'll be negotiating with NZ First and the Greens separately, but both parties would have "senior involvement" in a coalition.

She also suggested on the AM Show this morning there could be room for movement on Labour's planned water tax.