Live updates: Winston Peters says no comment until October 7

Winston Peters is back in Wellington and will meet with the New Zealand First caucus at midday.

The Greens have announced their full negotiating team, while Labour has announced that its team will be led by Kelvin Davis and Jacinda Ardern. NZ First and National haven't announced anything about their negotiating teams so far. 

Jacinda Ardern and Bill English both say their staff have been in touch with Winston Peters, but neither leader has talked to him personally. 

There are around 384,000 special votes to be counted, and the Electoral Commission aims to have them returned by October 7. 

Jacinda Ardern has ruled out a referendum on the Māori seats in any coalition deal with NZ First. 

3:00pm: Winston Peters has kicked off his press conference criticising the media and its "speculative drivel".

"Something's gone wrong with our democracy in terms of the fair presentation and balance of reporting," Mr Peters said.

He said that some media should be "frankly ashamed of yourself".

He then pulled out a copy of this morning's Dominion Post newspaper to criticise it.

"Ask yourself why is it that 384,000 people do not have their vote counted until the 7th of October," Mr Peters said. "That will change things in my view."

He says he will not hold another news conference or comment to media until the 7th of October.

2:40pm - Winston Peters has annoucned he'll hold a media conference in about twenty minutes, following the NZ First caucus meeting. 

2:30pm - Outgoing NZ First MP Richard Prosser is also clearing out his office at Parliament today. Mr Prosser was ranked 15th on the party's list at this election, after dropping from third place.

Earlier this week he said if NZ First went with National they'd go "down the gurgler". 

2:00pm - Jacinda Ardern recounted to young women at He Huarahi Tamaraki in Wellington how she became leader of the Labour party.

She says that she refused the job when it was offered to her on the 26th of July, and continued to say no until the 1st of August when Andrew Little resigned.

On July 26th she was at the Tawa Rotary Club and says it's a day that she'll remember for a long time.

"It was my birthday and the Rotary club gave me a giant birthday cake which I took away with me. The other reason I remember it because it was the day that Andrew first said to me 'I'm worried about the polls and I'm wondering whether you should do this job instead," Ms Ardern said.

"Every single day I was asked about it I said no. No, no, no."

She says there were lots of reasons for turning it down but the moment that Mr Little resigned she knew she had to step up and "there was no doubt in my mind that that was what I needed to do."

12:45pm - Mojo Mathers is clearing out her office at Parliament, she didn't make it back in after Saturday's election result. While the Greens are likely to have one more MP once special votes are counted, Ms Mathers says it's "unlikely" that she'll get in. Golriz Ghahraman is next on the list, and will likely become New Zealand's first former refugee MP. 

Ater the election Ms Mathers wrote on Facebook "I'm really sad we have dropped so much, that I'm not back in, and that we missed getting so many other outstanding candidates in." 

She was happy the Greens made it over the 5 percent threshold, and that Chloe Swarbrick made it in to become New Zealand's youngest MP in 42 years.

"I did want to be back in. I really wanted to be able to continue the work I've been doing on disability rights and animal welfare, including accessibility, captioning legislation, NZSL and much more," Ms Mathers said.

"I'm really proud of my time at parliament. I know I made a difference, which is more than many MPs can say."

12:10pm - Jacinda Ardern hasn't spoken to Winston Peters yet, and says she's not frustrated about waiting - it's just the reality of MMP. She says the special votes are going to play an important role when it comes to coalition negotiations. 

"I'm focussed on making sure we're prepared for those negotiations when they happen, that's why my senior team are working away on all of the policy areas that may come up in those discussions," she said.

Live updates: Winston Peters says no comment until October 7
Photo credit: Newshub/ Emma Jolliff

12:00pm - Jacinda Ardern has been welcomed with a 'Let's eat this cake' at He Huarahi Tamaraki - a school for teenage mums in Wellington. 

11:45am - Winston Peters has arrived at Parliament, but he avoided media who were waiting outside. 

11:15am - Winston Peters has landed in Wellington but he wouldn't answer any questions about what the process is going forward.

"I'm here to talk my colleagues alright, not you guys," he told media at the airport.

"You can ask all the questions you like you're not going to get one answer right now," Mr Peters said.

He told Patrick Gower that he's been "mouthing off enough".  

When media continued to ask questions about the process he'll going through, and when the public could expect to hear from him he said: "Which part is it they don't get?"

Steven Joyce was on the plane too and says the two "had a good catch up".

11:10am - Denis O'Rourke lost his seat in Parliament as he was too far down the party's list to make it through, and he's cleaning out his office today.

11:00am - Winston Peters is expected at Wellington Airport any minute, he'll then head to Parliament for the NZ First caucus meeting at midday.

10:20am - NZ First's Tracey Martin said this morning that she's a "Very flexible person, I can work with anybody." She says worked with Labour, National and the Greens while an MP.

Ms Martin is the party's education spokesperson and believes that their education policies are more compatible with Labour.

"Everything is negotiable, so it depends how flexible the National party wants to be I suppose," she said. 

She's not on the negotiating team, "Not that I'm aware of."

10:00am - Winston Peters was spotted on a plane bound from Auckland to Wellington, on the same flight as Steven Joyce. 

9:50am - Labour leader Jacinda Ardern is in Wellington this morning and will visit He Huarahi Tamariki, a school for teenage parents. The school invited her to speak about the election and the process going forward.

9:00am - Newshub political editor Patrick Gower says Winston Peters may be in the worst position of all as he heads into an NZ First caucus meeting on Wednesday. It's expected the NZ First leader will begin discussions about potential coalition partners, but it could be weeks before he decides. 

"One, he could prop up a Government under [National leader] Bill English, who despite their high polling his [Peters'] mind will be thinking will go down sometime," Gower said.

"Two, he could prop up [Labour leader] Jacinda Ardern - and the Green Party, because he can't do it without the Greens - and that's not ideal either. Is that really what the people that voted for him wanted?"

8:30am - Former United Future leader Peter Dunne has commented on Newshub's story 'Winston Peters wants utu from Steven Joyce'. Mr Dunne tweeted that it's "Hardly the adult way to form sustainable government, when policy compatibility runs second to settling old scores. New Zealand deserves more."