MP Nicky Wagner takes out protester who rushed at Bill English

  • 07/09/2017

A battery-farming protester who rushed at the Prime Minister in a Christchurch mall was swiftly thrust out of the way by Christchurch MP Nicky Wagner.

The man managed to evade Diplomatic Protection Service (DPS) staff and appeared right behind Bill English as he spoke to a crowd of supporters at Colombo Mall on Thursday.

But Wagner promptly grabbed him under the arms and shoved him aside before DPS staff ushered him away.

About four of the protesters were present at the Prime Minister's mall visit holding their signs, while National supporters tried to jostle them out of the way and conceal their signs with their own.

One vocal protester even appeared to have dressed in National Party blue to blend in with supporters. It worked - she was first to get a word in one-on-one with the Prime Minister.

Bill English was swamped by members of the public wanting selfies as he made his way around the food court.