National MP Nick Smith's ugly voter confrontation over wet flyer

  • 22/09/2017
He says the man was "obviously not a National voter."
He says the man was "obviously not a National voter." Photo credit: Throwsiepants9000 / Reddit

National MP Dr Nick Smith has had an ugly confrontation with an angry Richmond voter, after a damp flyer became stuck in the man's side window.

The story was shared to Reddit New Zealand by Throwsiepants9000, who recounted the incident.

"I came out of the Richmond Pool to find a National Party flyer stuck down the inside of the side window of my car today. It's been raining a lot in Nelson lately, so when I removed it, the corner remained stuck below the sill," he says.

"Bastards, I muttered to myself. I asked a couple of people if they had seen who was dishing out flyers and they told me it was Nick Smith, and there was the man himself, a couple of rows over merrily stuffing flyers down the inside of people's car windows."

He confronted Dr Smith, who seemed "afraid" and "a little dazed". Throwsiepants9000 pointed out the issue.

"The problem," Throwsiepants9000 said, "is that you have stuffed a flyer down inside my window and the corner is stuck."

A picture he posted shows the small tear in the paper, which had become trapped.

Dr Smith says it had been raining heavily, and the corner of the pamphlet had become inadvertently wedged.

"He was clearly unhappy," Dr Smith acknowledges.

But the flyer was unable to be removed.

"It's not a problem," Throwsiepants9000 claims Dr Smith said.

Dr Smith then left the scene, leaving Throwsiepants9000 with the last word.

"You're a c**t. F**k you a***hole. F**kwit," he shouted at a receding Dr Smith.

Dr Smith told Newshub the man was "obviously not a National voter."

The response on Reddit has been unsympathetic.

"You felt the need to start screaming c**t across the carpark of a kids swimming pool, over a corner of a piece of paper?" one asked.

"Imagine getting this inflamed over a 4cm2 piece of paper. OP literally how do you function in your everyday life if such a minor thing pushes you over the edge to become abusive towards people."

Throwsiepants9000 says he went to the local collision repair centre, where the rubber sill was removed so the flyer could get out.

He has defended his abusive language.

"I was only being a casual c**t. He does it for a living," he says.