Rotorua Airport could be introducing four-lane access

  • 16/09/2017

A four-lane road would link Rotorua with the city's airport, costing a fourth-term National government up to $100 million.

Transport spokesman Simon Bridges says Te Ngae Road currently supports a growing a number of tourists, as well as local and inter-regional traffic as it connects Rotorua with the Bay of Plenty.

"As more people ad businesses choose to be in Rotorua and its surrounding districts, National wants to ensure the city's infrastructure provides for and supports future growth," he said.

Mr Bridges said the estimated cost of extending the road programme to Rotorua Airport was between $75m and $100m.

National leader Bill English, who announced similar fast-tracked road projects in Lower Hutt on Friday, says this investment is important.

"It's dealing with the next set of investments these growing communities want to see," he said.

"And it's great to be visiting these regions where the is growth and they can see the need for investment in addition to the broadband investment and in most places in addition to road investment that's already occurred."

It would be paid for from the National Land Transport Fund and capital allowances.

The project would be added to the accelerated regional roading programme and Mr Bridges said construction would begin in the next term of government.