South Aucklanders go to vote, tag voting booths

  • 22/09/2017

South Auckland voters have taken their voices to the voting booths - and left their mark. Literally.

A photo posted to Facebook shows the inside of a voting booth in Manukau, defaced with graffiti made with the orange voting pen.

"Just voted out Southside," the caption says. "#keepingitreal."

The tagging includes references to "East" and "H-Town", as well as support for the Māori and Labour parties.

There are also numerous crudely drawn 'Southside' symbols.

"Apparantly we cant take any pics in those booths lol but i still did lol #sorrynotsorry lol [sic]," one commenter wrote.

The Election Commission told Newshub if it finds any tagged voting booths, the graffiti will be covered up or the booths removed.

It's not the first time 'election art' has become famous. In the 2016 Australian federal election, Aussies used their artistic talents to illustrate their ballots - with interesting results.

"Someone ordered a kebab on their senate voting paper today," one paper read.

"This is Monkey Business," the drawing on another ballot paper read.

"With political parties consistently failing to deliver on promises, it's important to vote for parties that never let you down," stbabo wrote on his caption - opting to tick 'techno party'. 

"I hope that everyone voted for this cause today, because trying times call for a Destiny's Child reunion. But, if not, I trust you voted for the second best option," was the final write-in.