What would it take to oust Winston Peters?

As election night creeps closer, here are five things to take from the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll.

The vote is volatile. It's always shifting and changing, with no one really knowing what to expect.

National are still ahead, but the margin between the two major parties is the closest it's been in a decade, with the current Government down 1.1 percent, to 43.4 percent. 

Labour are just four points behind National, on 39.4 percent. It's up 6.3 percent on our last poll.

If you combine the Greens' share of the vote with Labour's, that takes them ahead of the current Government, but neither party can form a Government without the help of Winston Peters. 

The NZ First leader's vote has halved in the past month, from 13 points to 6.6. He might fall victim to a new coalition possibility.

According to this poll, a coalition between Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party would be just two seats away from having a majority in the house. If they gain the two extra seats, they could oust Mr Peters from the kingmaker's throne.

As for our country's figurehead, the two party leaders are neck and neck for preferred Prime Minister. It's a popularity contest, and right now it's anyone's game.