Winning over the nation not the only thing Bill English has had to win over

  • 22/09/2017

With the country heading to the polls on Saturday, Prime Minister Bill English has admitted winning over the nation hasn't been the only thing he's had to win over.

In an interview with The Project, Mr English confessed it took "several years" to win over his now wife, Mary English, who jokingly described the claims as "rubbish."

She said: "How we met was at a ball and we'd both lost our partners along the way and my view of it is that he was a great listener. He had this broken foot so he couldn't get away from me so he had to stay and listen.

"I gave him brownie points for that."

The pair admits it was then a numbers of years after first meeting before they "got together" and "figured it out".

The interview was Mrs English's first ever television interview and she also went on to explain why she loved her husband.

"What I love most about you [Bill English] is you're my best friend, you're a great dad and you just keep us happy," she says.

"Sometimes you cause a bit of stress at home, ha ha. But you know, it's great."