Winston Peters has revealed his favourite other politician

  • 20/09/2017

Winston Peters has never been one to shy away from giving strong opinions on other politicians and journalists, but tonight surprised an audience on Three's The Project by saying Labour MP David Parker is his favourite politician.

In the wake of The Nation presenter Lisa Owen naming Winston Peters as her favourite politician on Tuesday night's The Project, Mr Peters was in turn asked who his favourite journalists and politicians are.

Mr Peters fudged around the former, saying "there are some seriously good journalists out there... If you tried to pick one you'd make enemies of all the rest".

He tried to do the same with the latter, telling The Project panel that "look there are some [politicians] in Labour I think are really great, there are some in National who I think are great, not so many but some.

"If you start saying that then you come under attack from your own side."

Host Kanoa Lloyd hammered Mr Peters "to just pick one... If you had to go on a desert island with just one politician?"

Mr Peters finally settled on Labour MP David Parker, who temporarily ran the party in 2014, following David Cunliffe's resignation.                  

"David Parker... I saw him attacked on something in business that was crook and he was exonerated but nobody ever said sorry," Mr Peters explained.

"I said that guy's telling the truth and I said so publicly... I'm darn glad I did".