Winston Peters vs the media: The greatest hits

NZ First leader Winston Peters held a scathing news conference yesterday to unleash his opinions about the media's performance, and to chastise journalists for speculating on and questioning him about the current political situation. He also asked the Electoral Commission why it takes so long to count the special votes. 

Newshub political editor Patrick Gower described the conference as "an absolute doozy" and said "if we're in for any more of that over the coming fifteen days New Zealand is in for one hell of a ride". 

Here's some of the greatest hits:

"You should be frankly ashamed of yourselves"

One of the key messages of the conference. 

"I've been around for 21 years in this party, made a whole lot of sacrifice and been demonised and cinderella-ised and marginalised by everybody"

This isn't the first use of the Winston-ism 'cinderella-ised'. Mr Peters has used it previously to describe the forgotten province of Northland. 

"With the greatest respect, are you serious?"

The kind of question that makes you doubt yourself and everything you've ever done.

"You're not getting a free hit here mate. Get that through your head right now"

This was aimed at Patrick Gower.

"This is not News of the World right. Try and step it up here"

News of the World is a disestablished low-brow UK tabloid. 

Mr Peters: "Where are you from?" 

Journalist: Australia. 

Mr Peters: "Yeah it shows. Next question please."

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