'Yes' to a joint after work but 'no' to medicinal marijuana - Gareth Morgan

  • 12/09/2017

The Opportunities Party (TOP) leader Gareth Morgan says while he supports the full the legalisation of marijuana, medicinal use of the drug is a different story.

Dr Morgan answered yes to smoking a joint after work on Friday, but no to medicinal use of marijuana during a Facebook live interview with Newshub political reporter Jenna Lynch.

"It's not that I don't want it but there's not substantial evidence that it is anything more than a placebo… I want full legalisation," Dr Morgan says.

Amongst talks of tax, poverty, education, and crime rates during Tuesday's interview, Dr Morgan also took time to reflect on how much he hated the thought of being a politician.

"I said on day one I can think of nothing worse than me entering parliament, but I'm the one who gets the most attention. That's the reality of it."

Dr Morgan has established himself as a policy-only politician, leaving personality tactics to the other leaders. However, he admits he uses his status to his advantage.

"I'm the lipstick and I'm the pig... I'm both. It has to be that way."

But Dr Morgan says he's only leading the party until he gets the ball rolling.

"I definitely won't lead it [in the 2020 election]."

Dr Morgan says while he's surprised his party isn't over the five percent threshold necessary to enter parliament, he believes too many people are stuck in their ways. The latest Newshub-Reid research poll, which will be released in full on Tuesday evening, shows TOP down from 1.9 percent to 1.6 percent.

"We know that 65 percent of voters never change their mind so they're actually irrelevant to the election."

When Ms Lynch asked who the "worst person in parliament" was, Dr Morgan fired back with a one-word reply: "Peters".

Watch the full Facebook live below: