Announcement tomorrow on next NZ Government

Tomorrow afternoon, the wait to find out the next Government should finally be over.

New Zealand First says an announcement on the result of the negotiations can be expected tomorrow afternoon. 

New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters said he had "spoken to the leaders of the National Party and the Labour Party today and, amongst other matters, advised them of that."

A senior Labour Party source told Newshub the party is working on a document to take to NZ First tomorrow.

It's unclear what the National Party is doing, because leader Bill English is understood to be currently meeting with his negotiating team.

Before a deal is signed off with Labour, the Greens would need to hold a conference call with its 150-odd delegates.

At least 75 percent of the delegates will need to support the Labour-Greens side of the agreement for it to pass.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw says the conference call won't be happening tonight.

The plan is for the delegates to make their vote as late in the piece as possible, in order to prevent the leak of information.

Newshub understands Labour believe the Greens will make the conference call tomorrow afternoon.