Greens' teleconference 'ready to go'

  • 15/10/2017
Green Party leader James Shaw
Green Party leader James Shaw.

As decision day looms for NZ First, the Greens say they're "ready to go" with a teleconference of about 170 delegates to ratify their part of a deal.

NZ First's caucus and board will meet on Monday to decide whether to form a Government with National or Labour.

The Greens have to be part of a centre-left deal because Labour and NZ First don't have enough seats between them for a majority.

Despite that, they haven't taken part in the negotiations with NZ First because leader Winston Peters won't deal with them as a separate party.

Labour has been holding separate discussions with the Greens.

Party leader James Shaw will put the terms to branch delegates at a teleconference, but the timing can't be confirmed.

"It's unlikely to be tonight, but we're ready to go," a party spokesman said.

The party's constitution requires a 75 percent affirmative vote to ratify the deal.

Mr Peters will want to know that the Greens have signed off before his own meeting gets down to serious business.

That means the latest the Greens could hold their teleconference would be early Monday morning.