How NZ First will make its decision

  • 14/10/2017

NZ First leader Winston Peters and his MPs have a busy weekend ahead preparing for Monday's meeting which will decide whether National or Labour leads the next Government.

The caucus is working on option papers that will be put to the meeting of the party's board.

Mr Peters hopes the decision taken by the joint meeting of the board and the caucus can be announced on Monday night, but says he can't guarantee the timing.

Board members have been booked to stay in Wellington overnight if the meeting goes beyond Monday.

The option papers are based on dossiers compiled during five days of negotiations with the main parties that involved intense discussions about policy.

The meeting will be presented with details of the deals that were offered by National and Labour NZ First that allow the party's policies to be implemented by the next Government.

The meeting will also have to decide which form of Government is the best for NZ First - a full coalition or a support agreement which allows it to vote against legislation it disagrees with.

A support agreement would mean the main party would have to negotiate every major bill with NZ First to get it through Parliament.

The board has 14 members, including Mr Peters and his deputy Ron Mark. Mr Peters says he wants it to reach a consensus rather than have a decision through a vote.

The Greens will have to be part of a Labour-led Government to make up the numbers, but they haven't been involved in negotiations with NZ First.

Mr Peters insisted on dealing only with National and Labour, leaving Labour to work out its own deal with the Greens.

Labour and the Greens have been working on that in separate bilateral meetings.