Leak: Greens' ministerial roles revealed

Newshub has been leaked details of some of the ministerial positions that won't be available to Labour - because they're going to the Greens.

Jacinda Ardern has chosen her Cabinet and announced the 16 Labour MPs who will receive ministerial posts on Friday, but she won't reveal who got what until next week.

Ms Ardern announced a predictable list - essentially her shadow Cabinet, while in Opposition - with only six women featured among the 16 from Labour in Cabinet. That will likely rise to seven - the same number that National had - with New Zealand First's Tracey Martin tipped to be in.

Newshub can reveal which roles the Labour MPs won't be getting, with the following ministerial positions promised in the Greens' agreement.

Climate change and associate finance are both expected to go to Greens leader James Shaw.

The Greens will also have the conservation, women and land information portfolios, and associate roles in environment, transport and health.


They will fill a newly created undersecretary role, focused on sexual and domestic violence.

All of those positions sit outside Cabinet.

One big question mark over roles remains - Winston Peters is yet to formally accept the role as Ms Ardern's Deputy Prime Minister.