Live updates: Day four of coalition negotiations

New Zealand First plans to meet twice with both Labour and National on Wednesday, on the fourth day of coalition negotiations.

Winston Peters said he plans to wrap up coalition discussions by Thursday evening, and he will make an announcement "as soon as possible" after that - despite previously setting October 12 as the deadline for a decision.

Mr Peters hasn't commented on whether he will also meet with the Green Party to discuss a potential coalition with Labour and the Greens.

7:50pm: The New Zealand First board cannot meet tomorrow to make a decision about who will form the next government.

The board will instead meet on Friday to discuss the two options.

Mr Peters doesn't yet know whether the board meeting will be in Auckland or Wellington, and has not yet talked through the logistics of how his decision will be announced.

6:30pm: Winston Peters says he will take "both options" to the New Zealand First board on Thursday evening.

He told media he will "put together the full picture for both [National and Labour/Greens] and go to the board with both options."

The New Zealand First leader says he won't let the final decision come down to a vote.

"You don't want to be going to a vote with these matters… you want a serious consensus. If you haven't got a consensus, stay there until you get one. But who wants a 50/50 vote?"

Mr Peters says discussions will continue until a high majority comes to a decision - but can't say how long that will take.

"When we're ready. As fast as we possibly can. I can't answer that question now."

4:20pm - Winston Peters and NZ First have headed into the second meeting of the day with National. Mr Peters is expected to make a decision on Thursday, but he hasn't said when the public can expect an announcement.

Newshub political reporter Isobel Ewing described the day as "Groundhog Day for reporters", who are waiting around Parliament and speaking with Winston Peters but "he can't say anything about what they've been talking about".

12:50pm -

Winston Peters told a reporter that running stories about possible Labour-Green governments is a "gross misrepresentation" of the political situation.

He told media he's getting closer to a decision about a coalition agreement.

"We're making huge progress finding out what we agree on, what we don't agree on, what we can still negotiate on and where we might take things in the future by co-operation."

Mr Peters has met with National and will meet with Labour's negotiation team shortly. He plans to have second meetings with both parties by Wednesday evening

11:30am - The Greens negotiating team have just left a meeting with Labour. Co-leader James Shaw said it was "very constructive" and "warm".

He told Newshub he's not worried that the Greens' democratic delegate vote might shoot down a deal with Winston.

"Our membership campaigned really hard to change the Government...It would be entirely consistent with that that we would support an agreement to change the Government," Mr Shaw said.

10:00am - Mr Peters told Newsroom before the election that he'd make a decision on October 12 if he was 'kingmaker'.

9:30am - New Zealand First's negotiating team is about to head into its first meeting of the day with National. This is one of four meetings scheduled on Wednesday.

9:00am - Newshub political editor Patrick Gower said the Green Party could be the 'stumbling block' when it comes to a deal with Labour and NZ First.  

He said Labour and NZ First need to give Greens leader James Shaw "something decent he can go back to his membership with", because the party's membership would need to sign off any coalition agreement.