As-it-happened: NZ First discussions continue into the night

NZ First's board is meeting in Wellington on Monday to consider the party's options, including whether to with Labour or National, and what form a Government could take. 

Winston Peters says New Zealand will know who the next Prime Minister is by the end of the week. 

While formal coalition talks ended on Thursday, National leader Bill English says there is still "some time to go" with finalising an agreement. 

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says her party's talks with NZ First would result in a Government she would be "proud to lead". 

4:46pm - NZ First discussions continue

NZ First has sent out a press release saying discussions between the NZ First board and Members of Parliament will continue for "several more hours." 

3:48pm - Looking back at NZ First's campaign

On the eve of the election, Winston Peters posted a firey video to his Facebook page.

In the video, Mr Peters finger-points across the debating chamber at the Government, saying "they are globalists, and I'm telling you why NZ First is packing the halls around this country - cos they've had a guts full of you. They've had enough! They want a change! And they are going to get one, and no amount of character assassination is going to stop us on this great purpose." 

The speech is from several months before the election - July 26.

In the video, some specific priorities for the next three years are: cutting the company tax rate to 25 percent, cutting export tax to 20 percent, increasing minimum wage to $20/hour and 1800 more frontline police.

2:15pm - Ardern avoids questions

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, who typically gives media some kind of comment on negotations, was avoiding questions on Monday afternoon.

When asked whether we have a right to know what's going on, Ms Ardern said, "We've had a stand-up after every single discussion. There's obviously now a board process taking place. That's for another party, not for us."

Ms Ardern wouldn't say whether she has heard from NZ First.

2:00pm - Ken Findlay has been at the forecourt at Parliament every day for the past couple of weeks holding a sign that reads: 'Hope For a Strong and Stable Government'. 

The 80-year-old is a trade unionist, has four grandchildren and says his message is "hope".

"A very large number of NZers are putting their hope and trust in a Labour-led Government led by Jacinda...There was no hope. Now we've got hope," he says.

As-it-happened: NZ First discussions continue into the night
Photo credit: Newshub

1:50pm - NZ First negotiator Kirsty Christison has left a Parliament building, but wouldn't comment on how the discussion is going. 

"I'm just a staffer", she told Newshub. "I know nothing." 

Watch the video below

11:20am - NZ First board director Sue Sara refused to speak to media when she arrived at the airport this morning. 

She was asked about the process during the board meeting, but did not want to comment on anything. 

9:35am - Winston Peters has arrived back in Wellington this morning. He wouldn't tell reporters when the board could be expected to make a decision.

Mr Peters said he watched the interview with Bill English on The AM Show and he's "telling the truth" about the fact that there's some time to go to finalise an agreement. 

9:30am - ACT leader David Seymour says that the coalition talks between the major parties should have been made public.

He told TVNZ1's Breakfast that the public has been "let down" by the secrecy of the talks and Bill English and Jacinda Ardern should've demanded more transparency.

"What they should have done, is said, 'Winston, if you want to do a deal we're going to do it in public. Put all your demands on the table so the public can see what you're demanding," he said.

9am - National leader Bill English says his party's talks with NZ First still have "some time to go". 

Mr English said even though NZ First's board is meeting on Monday, there is still more to be discussed about policy and about what form a potential National-NZ First government would take. 

8:50am - Green co-leader James Shaw says the party's 170 delegates are "ready to go" if they need to vote on a coalition deal with Labour and NZ First. 

The Greens' constitution will require 75 percent of delegates to vote in favour of the coalition for it to go ahead.