Paula Bennett joins Nats' coalition talks team

National's coalition talks with NZ First have begun.

Arriving at Wellington airport on Sunday, the party's negotiation team led by Prime Minister Bill English were tight-lipped and focused on the job ahead.

Alongside Mr English were his chief of staff Wayne Eagleson, Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee, Finance Minister Steven Joyce, and surprise addition to the team - Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett.

Ms Bennett had been adamant she wouldn't be part of the negotiations just days earlier. Appearing on the AM Show on Friday, Ms Bennett told host Duncan Garner her absence was due to "limited" numbers in the party's negotiation team.

The deputy leader kept mum Sunday morning, giving nothing to Newshub's political reporter Lloyd Burr.

"You looking forward to today? Negotiations can finally start," he pressed.

Ms Bennett had no comment.

"You're not even excited!" said Lloyd.

"Just doing the job, you know," she said. 

Ms Bennett played off questions regarding Mr Peters' hopes for the position of Deputy Prime Minister, and whether she would be willing to give up the job for him.

"I've just got no comment," she said. "We're gonna go and have a chat and all good. Go and chase Steven [Joyce] behind me."