The 'First Cat of New Zealand' is a hit on Twitter

Three days ago the Prime Minister elect's cat Paddles appeared on the Twitter scene, and people have no idea who's behind the account.

Paddles, a ginger and white cat with opposable thumbs, has proven to be a prolific social media user and has fired off hundreds of tweets in a matter of days.

The cat's Twitter bio says she is an "Independent cat- not affurliated with the Labour pawty".

Prime Minister-Elect Jacinda Ardern has batted down speculation it's run by her partner Clarke Gayford.

"There is indeed an account in the name of my cat and I have no idea who has created it."

However Ardern says it has provided a good source of amusement for her and her partner. 

"I am quite happy for that person to continue logging on behalf of Paddles, keeping in mind Paddles has thumbs, I can't put it past her it's her own account as well," 

"She's a polydactyl," Ardern says.

For reference a "polydactyl" is a cat with extra claws that look like opposable thumbs.

The feline has been officially greeted by 'Diplo Dog' Gracie Brown, who is US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown's dog.

The self-proclaimed 'First Cat of New Zealand' frequently responds to photos of other New Zealand cats and also comments on foreign policy and social issues.

Paddles says that gender is a social construct, but she identifies as female. 

Paddles has weighed in on the independence referendum in Catalonia.

Paddles has a bit of an ego.

Paddles is picky about food, preferring fresh fish caught by his 'dad' Clarke Gayford, a fishing enthusiast and fishing TV show host.

She wants to legalise catnip.

She's criticised former Prime Minister John Key's cat Moonbeam for having "no grip on social media" and regular paws.

Paddles has since responded to this article - see below:

Social Media Presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin wraps up the biggest trends of the day. 

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