'You aren't the public' - NZ First leader Winston Peters dodges media, makes hasty dash to taxi

  • 16/10/2017

Winston Peters has made a hasty exit from his New Zealand First board meeting on Monday evening, beelining straight to a taxi as Newshub's Jenna Lynch questioned him.

The NZ First leader has spent the day in a much-delayed board meeting to discuss which side it would choose to form the next government.

Ms Lynch quizzed Mr Peters on why it's taking so long.

"Do you think the public... deserve to know who the next government's gonna be?"

"You aren't the public," Mr Peters replied.

"We have an audience and can tell the public, Mr Peters," she said - to which he laughed, hopped in a taxi and sped off.

Earlier NZ First MP Shane Jones told waiting media that a decision "will be announced by Winston at the duly appointed time".