John Oliver mocks National's Eminem stoush

  • 22/09/2014

By 3 News online staff

Comedian John Oliver has given the National Party's legal battle with Eminem a humorous spin on American TV.

The Last Week Tonight host mocked the Kiwi accent and National Party MP Steven Joyce in the segment.

"You may know [New Zealand] as the homeland of Lorde, or the place where people happier than you go on vacation," began Oliver in his segment.

"On Saturday they re-elected their Prime Minister John Key, despite a turbulent campaign with a major scandal that engulfed him earlier this week."

New Zealand news footage was then shown, highlighting the copyright infringement claim filed by Eminem's publishers.

"That's right, the ruling party of New Zealand was accused of ripping off Eminem. I can't imagine how angry that must have made 'Mm-n-mm'," Oliver said with an exaggerated Kiwi accent.

He then poked fun at Steven Joyce’s response to the copyright claim in which he said he thought National’s use of the music was "pretty legal" and that Eminem's publishers were just "having a crack".

"I want to see that man as a defence lawyer!" joked Oliver.

"Your Honour, my client pleads… probably not. Just having a crack."

Mr Joyce today laughed off Oliver's take on the situation, saying it was entertaining.

"I thought they were dissing the newsreaders' accent more than mine, but I'm not sure that I'd be too defensive about my own accent. I'm confident it's a reasonably broad Kiwi accent."

Watch the video above.

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