Grand Theft Auto V New Zealand mod gets Deka, V, Hell Pizza

  • 29/07/2015
Grand Theft Auto V New Zealand mod by Andre Hema-Kani
Grand Theft Auto V New Zealand mod by Andre Hema-Kani

The man behind a New Zealand-themed texture mod for Grand Theft Auto V on PC has added a host of new brands, like V and Hell Pizza, and says he has the blessing of those companies.

The latest screenshots for the mod, which isn't publicly available just yet, show V-branded vending machines, billboards for Hell Pizza, Burger Fuel, Playtech, and others, a Mighty Ape blimp, and even a Shortland Street hospital and satirical take on The Warehouse, called "Te Warewhare" in-game.

In a Reddit thread, creator Andre Hema-Kani said that he's received permission from companies featured to use their logos.

"I've had a lot more businesses say yes than no so I'm happy. I have so many more to ask as well," he said.

"Most companies who's target audience aren't kids don't mind. I only had a couple of cease and desist letters when my original post was on here, they've all been pretty good so far. Had a few big companies decline due to being co-owned but they are usually pretty cool about it."

According to Hema-Kani, one company (he wouldn't say which) is even looking at creating a billboard just for the game, with a promo for those players who see it.

The original screenshots released included people wearing Mongrel Mob gang insignias, but these were removed to help take the mod in a "positive direction". He said that he may make a separate mod for New Zealand gangs, but only if he can get permission.

Hemi-Kan is planning to release the mod to the public in "a couple of weeks", and says it should be "pretty straightforward to install".

It's currently sitting at around 300 MB, and comprises 340 files.

View a gallery of some of the new screenshots.