Kiwi designer comes out on top with Indian silk coat

Kiwi designer comes out on top with Indian silk coat

New Zealand Fashion Week kicks off on Monday, and while it's mainly about the big names, it also features some smaller, up-and-coming designers.

Behind every design there is a story and Krishae Teriaki's living her very own fairy tale.

She has beaten 40 other student designers to win a major award for her Indian silk coat.

The award gets Ms Teriaki's design from sketchbook and student workroom to the runway.

Ms Teriaki's piece will be front and centre at four public Fashion Week shows.

All eyes will be on her design and that's a big step; she is more used to working behind the scenes.

"I am nervous but excited too," says Ms Teriaki.

She is nervous because there is so much to learn, from fitting models to choosing the right shoes and finding the perfect outfit to wear to the show.

But Ms Teriaki has taken care of that – she is designed and made a dress for the occasion.

It's essential in an industry that's all about being seen.

Ms Teriaki's just hoping she's done enough to get her fairy tale ending – a job with a Kiwi fashion designer and eventually her own label.

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