John Oliver pokes fun at NZ flag designs

John Oliver on the NZ flag designs that didn't make the cut
John Oliver on the NZ flag designs that didn't make the cut

British comedian and talk show host John Oliver has picked out his favourite design for a new New Zealand flag.

On his news satire show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver the Emmy-winning writer poked fun at the potential new flag designs.

The final 40 were labelled as "boring" but Oliver thoroughly enjoyed the submissions that didn't quite make the cut.

'Eggsplosion', the design created by Canterbury's Jeong Hyuk Fidan that features an exploding egg, was the comic's favourite. It includes a caption that says: "Because New Zealanders like eggs and explosions are cool."

Another design that Oliver picked out to show his audience was a design by James Gray from Auckland, featuring a kiwi shooting green laser beams from its eyes.

"You would remember that flag," the talk show host says.

"If you ever saw that flag, it would be impossible not to immediately pledge allegiance to it."

The comic, who has won an Emmy for his writing on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, often takes aim at New Zealand. Earlier this year, John Key made it onto the show, as did fellow minister Steven Joyce last September.

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